Бизнес тренинг – это цикл семинаров направленных на повышение профессионального уровня сотрудников.

Курс уникален тем, что он проводится в России на английском языке профессиональным преподавателем и ведущим тренингов из США, где, как известно, бизнес-культура весьма развита, а бизнес-тренинги чрезвычайно популярны.

Цель – развить лидерские и организационные способности, эффективные деловые навыки.

Тренинги имеют узкую направленность, стимулируют развитие общей коммуникабельности, психологической устойчивости в общении, моделирует эффективные лингвистические приёмы (на иностранном языке) по определенной тематике: менеджмент, маркетинг, презентации, бизнес-планирование, лидерские качества. Под руководством тренера участники бизнес-тренинга моделируют рабочие ситуации и отрабатывают их в интерактивной форме.

Мы предлагаем Вашему вниманию два краткосрочных тренинга по 6 часов каждый и один более длительный – 12 часов.

Весь краткосрочный тренинг можно пройти за один день (6 часов с 3 перерывами, включая перерыв на обед), за два (по 3 часа) или три (по 2 часа) дня.

В основном эти тренинги предназначены для корпоративных клиентов, однако, может проводиться и при наборе любой группы.

Стоимость тренинга для корпоративных клиентов (за группу) – 18 000 руб.

Стоимость тренинга при наборе группы (за одного человека) – 3000 руб.

Тренинг 1 (6 часов)

How to Make the Most of Everyday for Every Project

Time Management for Groups and Individuals

This course is designed to help individuals and groups maximize their productivity by identifying and prioritizing tasks through a series of evaluations.  Additionally, the program highlights many of the tools available to help facilitate higher productivity, measurement, and reaching of targets.  Furthermore, the program explores the significance of the 80/20 rule and some best practices for minimizing the loss of energy expelled on wasteful activities. Improve your teams’ communication skills, completion rates, close more sales, and increase their quality of life by changing the way they manage their time.

Тренинг 2 (6 часов)

Leadership Development and Management Basics

How Much Training Do You or Your Team

 Have in Managing/Leading Others?

The best producers don’t always make the best managers or leaders.  Often it isn’t because they aren’t “good” leaders or managers, but rather they haven’t been trained how to take on the additional responsibilities required of managers.  We use the Disney leadership and management model and philosophy as a guide in training our students.  It is a proven, successful system of principles and easily applicable to most organizations.

This program is designed to teach basic leadership and management skills that are often overlooked when hiring or promoting people within an organization.  These skills include proper instruction, follow up, and motivational techniques.  Developing an understanding of how and why people are motivated is discussed at length.  Additionally, understanding each manager’s individual leadership styles and how to maintain consistency when working with co-workers and subordinates is stressed in the program.

If your managers are valuable enough to place them in leadership positions then they are valuable enough to train and educate them on how to achieve excellence in their positions.

Тренинг 3 (12 часов) 


Better Presentations and Business Communications

Techniques to Make Immediate Improvement

We present you with some simple skills in a fun and entertaining way that will put you on the path to getting better results from your efforts.

Part 1: Presentations

We will show you 3 easy ways to grab your audience and inspire them with your speaking and presentation skills. Additionally, formatting, resources, and other tips are included.

The program breaks down what makes a good presentation and how to implement the best practices of effective speakers.  Participants will improve their skills by learning simple techniques that impact their audience.  Each participant will give two presentations during the program and receive feedback.  Whether pitching a new product, closing a big contract, or presenting research for a conference this course will dramatically improve quality of the participants’ presentation skills. 

Part 2: Written Communications

Writing effective emails is important for nearly all organizations.  In this program we break down the components of well-written emails.  Participants will improve their use of language, formatting, writing technique, and cultural awareness when sending and responding by email.

Each participant will write at least 2 emails and receive comments.  Emphasis in the program is placed on making emails more readable for the recipient ensuring that they are read and not sent to the recycle bin.